I first got into crocheting is because of my mother. When I was young, She designed and made me lots of sweaters, dress, hat and scarf. This clothes and apparels carried the founded love of her and thee memory of the family. 

When I was 15, I came to US on my own to pursue my studies. Now, as an IT professional dealing with computers every day, crochet and knitting have become my little escapes from the hustle and bustle of life. They’ve inspired me to create this small shop where infuse every unique design with the warmth of handmade creations and share them with people who appreciate and love such handcrafted items.

Thank for being here and I hope you can find the piece of warmth that belongs to you. 


P.S. Oh, and if you've ever wondered about the origin of the name "LUKI," it's a heartfelt tribute to my two feline companions, Luna and Loki 👇. The tale goes like this: I once tried to collect their fur and spin it into yarn, but alas, my attempts fell short.